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Drawbridge – Node REST generator

I’ve been working on a mobile application lately without access to any APIs, but do have access to the database creds. To make life easier I decided to create a REST generator to make this application plausible. As I build it out, if you find it useful, have fun with it: The premise is simple: […]

Improving UX and Performance with Web Storage

With the proliferation of AJAX becoming the flavor of the day for frontend development, in particular, REST APIs, browser performance has become an increasingly important aspect of development that cannot be ignored. Many popular frontend frameworks designed for REST consumption have great methods for caching AJAX results to prevent multiple requests for the same data […]

Test Driven Development with Mocha and Node

Testing is tantamount to any development process, be it through a dedicated person clicking around and trying to break what functions they know about and how to break, or a smoke test to get an idea about what works – but what about those scenarios you don’t immediately think about? How do you catch the […]