A jQuery slideshow plugin with a goofy name

Slideamanjaro: A jQuery slideshow plugin named after Mt Kilimanjaro. Because that sounded cooler than “slideshow plugin”.

I got the chance to break away from WordPress and all the other associated server based languages to delve back in to what I consider my core competency: the front-end. In specific: jQuery.

So what to do when you’re tired of writing the same specialized slideshows and hacking other plugins? Write your own. No more copypasta and we’ve got control over exactly what happens. Now, this is a work in progress if there ever was one so it’s not totally complete nor stable: some methods are missing, functions not there, CSS not provided, etc – but if you are still interested then check out the Git repo.

My goal with this was to take what jQuery Tools did with Scrollable and make it suck less. Less bloat, less restrictions, and instead make a slideshow plugin that runs the gamut of simple functionality with a public API for additional control – if that’s you’re thing. To call Slideamanjaro, do it just as so:


BAM! Slideamanjaro is now included in whatever element you defined! You want more control? You got that, dude! Here are some of the variables you can pass on to Slideamanjaro:

     transition : '',       // fade, slide, scroll. More added later
     selectors  : '',       // what elements within the element Slideamonjaro is defined on will be treated as a "slide"
     speed      : 0,        // delay in milliseconds between transitions
     transspeed : 0,        // how long each transition takes in milliseconds
     responsive : false,    // is this going to responsive? This depends on the CSS rules for your container element
     container  : ''        // Required for responsive slideshow. Determines what container's height/width will be calculated on viewport resize

As mentioned before, total work in progress so enter at your own risk – no warranties. As it gets further developed it’ll be get better documented and the features will be better defined, and demos made. right now it is what it is. If you’re interested in it, again, check out the Git repo, otherwise stay tuned for more.