Some asshat broke into my car. While I was on a trip. What a jerk.


That’s my passenger side window sitting in a crumpled heap INSIDE my car.

Someone, in an undisclosed location, decided that it would be a great idea to break into my car, rummage through things, and steal my GPS and my camera. I wouldn’t mind it half as much if I didn’t have to drive around without a window, but now I do have to drive around without a window. It’s not like I left this stuff out in the open either, it was fairly well hidden, and even if it wasn’t, what kind of gutless sonofabitch just breaks into a car with out-of-state tags as though to say “welcome to [insertcityhere], motherfucker!” ? This has got me on a new jam: looking up crime stats around the US and I’ve come to the conclusion that while Winfield may be boring, it is mondo safe. Like, the safest. I need to channel this into something useful.

My next car had better come equipped with a Batmobile-esque defense perimeter or else I’ll be seriously bummed.

On the upside, these jerks didn’t take my iPod which I believe is due to my absurdly alternative taste in music. Also, joke’s on you guys (gals? Pat is an equal opportunity blame thrower) because that GPS is narcoleptic and generally more dangerous a guide than it is useful. I take solace in that bit.


*My sister had her car broken into just a few weeks after mine was. Pittsburgh and Huntington can get bent – those places are garbage.