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Drawbridge – Node REST generator

I’ve been working on a mobile application lately without access to any APIs, but do have access to the database creds. To make life easier I decided to create a REST generator to make this application plausible. As I build it out, if you find it useful, have fun with it: The premise is simple: […]

Improving UX and Performance with Web Storage

With the proliferation of AJAX becoming the flavor of the day for frontend development, in particular, REST APIs, browser performance has become an increasingly important aspect of development that cannot be ignored. Many popular frontend frameworks designed for REST consumption have great methods for caching AJAX results to prevent multiple requests for the same data […]

Test Driven Development with Mocha and Node

Testing is tantamount to any development process, be it through a dedicated person clicking around and trying to break what functions they know about and how to break, or a smoke test to get an idea about what works – but what about those scenarios you don’t immediately think about? How do you catch the […]

Query Performance in WordPress

WordPress queries can quickly become resource intensive if you are handling many meta and taxonomy queries alongside your queries. Running a WP_Query() along with get_terms() and get_post_meta() for each query item builds up; though the flexibility of being able to bring that data into frontend designs is appealing. The more complicated your designs get with […]

Horizontal Split Nav – WordPress

Split navigation is a popular, albeit difficult to implement gracefully, solution for many designers when trying to make a standard navigation edgy. It’s not as easy to manage from a CMS/CSS standpoint as a standard menu, especially when you need to create a universal hierarchy (which you should be doing if you’re delivering to a […]

Check if Page/Post exists in WordPress menu

If you’re like me and you spend time making secondary, tertiary, quaternary navs and breadcrumbs then you know the benefit of a single menu hierarchy be it in the form of organizing pages in parent->child relationships or, as I usually do, giving users one massive menu to manage. Benefits of this are multiple: you can […]

Get Users by display_name using $wpdb

If you’ve ever tried to retrieve users by a display name, as I have, and tried to use get_users you’ve inevitably ended up grabbing all the users and then looping through them after the fact. That takes too long when we just want the users who’s display names match what we’re looking for. For that, […]

WordPress – Exclude From Search

Simple plugin to exclude individual pages, posts, and CPTs from public search queries. Tick the metabox that renders above the Publish box and that post ID will be excluded from the search query, simple as that. Pick and choose which ones you want to include or not include. Download – Exclude From Search